Invested Counseling

For the disadvantaged in our community, the Center offers “invested counseling,” which allows the uninsured or publicly insured to exchange community service hours for clinical counseling sessions.

Additional Services

A financial mentoring program built on a growing base of volunteers is available for those on government assistance or the “working poor” who just need help learning how to make ends meet. As the volunteer base grows and gains expertise, the Center will offer guidance for those struggling to find adequate housing in our community. The Center will advocate for those caught in the bind of tenancy in substandard “contract for deed” houses.

JCity Center plans to host various community support groups. Currently, SIMI (Southern Illinois Men of Integrity) and a nondenominational women’s Bible study meet weekly. Facilitator training for mental health support groups is now in progress. AA, NA and other peer-led recovery groups are also welcome to use the facility.

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