Welcome to JCity Center for Hope & Renewal

We’re rebuilding bridges in Johnston City, Illinois. One of our community development goals is to inform, unite, and promote our town by publishing JCity Arrow News, a free, hometown newspaper with a companion video podcast. We offer individual services like counseling as well. We believe that better people make better communities, and better communities mean better lives.

Who we are

JCity Center for Hope and Renewal, Inc. is a faith-based, independent, nonprofit organization enabling personal, relational, and community development. Our goal is to work with volunteers and other agencies connecting individuals and families with counselors, mentors, and resources to improve mental health, relationships, addiction recovery, financial stability, adequate housing, and community involvement.

What we do

We believe that we can help rebuild bridges to better lives and a better community by providing services to both individuals and the community. We offer services in personal, relational, and community development.

• Personal Development: mental health counseling, trauma/grief counseling, addiction recovery, community education

• Relational Development: marriage and family counseling, support groups 

• Community Development: providing new local media sources (Arrow News print, podcast editions), promoting volunteerism, community service

Through partnership and cooperation with other nonprofit and community organizations, we currently offer mental health and family counseling, invested community counseling, addiction recovery coaching, and personal and family financial mentoring.

The Latest ARROW NEWS (June 24)

This is the latest edition of the Arrow News Podcast. Find us on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

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